Çemsan offers a complete range of services from starch preparation to warehouse, from warehouse to transportation.

Starch is one of the major renewable sources of nature and is also one of the main pillars of the food and industrial economy.

Wheat flour contains nearly 70-80 % starch.

It is used in many sweet varieties, bakery products and children's foods in the food sector. It is used as finishing and sizing in cotton weaving process which is another area of usage in textile industry.

Wheat starch is obtained by the following process steps. During these processes, wheat passes through the equipment designed by Çemsan and becomes the final product in the most efficient way.

In many countries around the world, starch and sweetener are produced in the facilities established by Çemsan.

Supervisory and expertise services are provided on site during plant installation. Our engineers are on site during both mechanical commissioning and process start-up.

We offer the most economical, environmentally friendly and user-friendly technologies to our customers while taking into account the most secure process management approach.

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