Batch Vacuum Pan

Çemsan manufacture and export batch vacuum pans in accordance with industrial standards. We use high quality raw materials for batch vacuum pans depending on customer demands, 3CR12 (1.4003), Stainless Steel (304, 316), Carbon Steel.

We can manufacture standart volumes (500 hl, 600 hl, 800 hl) and also depending on customer demands.

Our vacuum pans have high distance between the calandria and the top, to avoid sugar loss due entrainment Internal separator for entrainment and have external separator for extra entrainment recover.

The calandria divided in 2 sections for high thermal efficiency Double steam inlet.

• High relation Surface/Volume of 10 m2/m3
• Stainless steel tubes
• Low height for the tubes – 1.000 mm Tube with diameter of 3 inches
• Special volume for the bottom to reduce the foot volume
• Double condensate outlet
• Special vent and gases collector pipes
• Mechanical circulator with special design for high efficiency

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