Hydrocyclone type Starch Washing System is used for remove impurities from the starch slurry including protein (both soluble and insoluble), fine fiber, oil and miscellaneous solubles.

Final products are optimally design by our process experts, based on the required process data, by special calculation programmes.

All process equipment used in the system is manufactured specifically for this process and are long lived, latest technology and provide maximum efficiency.

The use of the control system through the latest automation systems technology helps us to have maximum production through optimal water consumption.

All historical measures and control data can be accessed through the use of automation systems. As a result, the quality of product would be stable and standardized, independent from the human factor.

It has been equipped with the latest technology automation equipment and sophisticated scada systems, from which all system flows, product volume output, system pressure, heat and other critical process parameters are observed through the operators’ screen and are automatically controlled.

We manufacture ergonomically studied, easy to use equipment connection to the steel construction, easy to assemble, prefabricated units.

Working principle
We make the system that assists in removing the soluble and insoluble remains of starch slurry that comes out of primary separator. This range is available with variable stages with hundreds of multiple hydro cyclones in each stage of the separations. Designed in accordance with the most recent and international norms and standards, our multiple starch washing system is reckoned to be the best in the market.

• High efficient washing (no internal leakage)
• Easy to operate (Simple operation)
• Easy maintenance (Machine can be opened fastand easy)
• Low energy consumption (Energy efficient pumps)
• Low water consumption (Less water neededbecause of high outlet concentration)
• Low seal water consumption (Less seal water needed because of seal tube system)

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