Isomerization Columns

While designing isomerisation system, which is the first stage of fructose production process, our experts are aiming to use optimal quantity of enzyme resin for the desired capacity in terms of filling and life. As a result the production cost of fructose would be minimized.

The use of the control system through the latest automation systems technology helps us to have maximum production through optimal usage of enzyme resin.

All historical measures and control data can be accessed through the use of automation systems. As a result, the quality of product would be stable and standardized, independent from the human factor.

It has been equipped with the latest technology automation equipment and sophisticated scada systems, from which all flows for each column, system temperature and critical process parameters such as pH are observed through the operators’ screen and are automatically controlled.

• Equipment specifically designed for sweetener industry
• Process guarantee that meets your requirements and expectations
• Carbon and stainless steel and special alloy products
• Piping and steel construction services

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