Dewatering Presses

As it removes the moisture from feed product, it increases the efficiency of sub-sequent processes and reduces the energy consumption.

Germ Press: Conical design to dewater maize germs for significant moisture reduction before dryer feed.
Fiber Press: Conical design to dewater corn fibers for significant moisture reduction before dryer feed.

Working principle
The machine is composed of the following main components:
- Motor is coupled with reducer
- Feed hopper with lateral screens (optional) and dewatering screen at the bottom
- Screw Shaft
- Pressing zone consisting of one or several pres screens having given screen surfaces and fitting screen baskets (optional)
- Discharge hopper
- Filtrate Collector

Product is fed into the machine through the feed hopper. Pre-dewatering in the feed hopper is effected by the lateral screens and the bottom screen. The rotational movement of the screw draws the product into the pressing zone. The screw compression causes the product to become compact and to be pressed against the inside of the screen. The liquid released in the process is carried outside through the free screen surface of the pres screen and the screen support basket. The liquid drains off the outer screen and is collected in the tough installed in the area below. The user has to make sure that the liquid is properly drained off the outlet. The product pressed off is collected in the discharge hopper.

• The individual components have been coordinated according to the product to be pressed to obtain the highest possible dewatering results.
• The pressing result is optimized by adding components such as a spraying device, retention cone and speed regulator.
• Long life operation at low maintenance

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