We design and manufacture long-lasting plants for corn starch production and use the most advanced wet grinding technology we have expertise in.

Starch is one of the major renewable sources of nature and is also one of the main pillars of the food and industrial economy.

Starch is a carbohydrate which is formed by the binding of amylose and amylopectins in the elemental part of cereal grains by glycosylation bonds. Glucose is stored in plants and is used in energy production. Starch granules are found in the roots, stems, leaves, seeds, fruits and pollen of plants.

Starch is the most product obtained from wet grinding of corn. Approximately 93-96% of the starch constituting 67-69% of the grain product can be taken from the grain.

It is used as raw material in many industries, especially in the food sector.

Corn starch is important in papermaking, in improving the structure of foods, in reducing dough viscosity and in increasing gelatinisation, in the production of dextrins, in the manufacture of certain drug tablets as in aspirin, in the adhesive of clay layers for paper, in wallboard construction, in isolation, in acoustic structures and in similar places.

The wet process, starts with the steeping of corn. Steeping facilitates makes it easy to separate the corn by softening the grain. Wet milling process divides corn to germ, fiber, gluten and starch. During these processes, corn passes through mills, screens, filters and dryers, which are carefully designed by Çemsan, into the final product in the most efficient way. The starch production steps are briefly as follows:

Çemsan is not only a manufacturer of special machines for corn starch, but also a supplier that can design, manufacture and commission all plant components and automate the entire complex system on your behalf!

Çemsan offers a complete range of services from starch preparation to warehouse, from warehouse to transportation.

We offer remote access and reporting system through the internet to any process information as old as 10 years using one single button. Through measure and control accessories we offer you the systems that are used by the world’s most recognised companies. We build environmentally friendly plants with calibration or hygiene certifications.

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