Crystallizers are used to achieve liquid-solid separation and generate high purity products. To meet the high quality standards for the production of crystalline products, all components that come into contact with the product are made from stainless steel.

Çemsan cooling crystallizers are used for the crystallization of fructose, dextrose and special sugars.

The crystallizer, with its 2.900 meters of cooling pipes, had completely been assembled on Çemsan’s premises as horizontally before it was transported to its destination as one complete unit.- 28,5 m long and weighing 80 tons. We can design and manufacture different capacities according to customer requirements with our infrastructure and technical competence.

Advantages and Features
• Optimized retention times and cooling speed
• High cooling surface
• Space-saving vertical design
• Hydraulic cylinders for operation of the vertically oscillating cooling system

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