At Çemsan we offer optimal design and implementation through latest control system, in which the level automation system is determined according to the customer requirements. Our principles are working with highest efficiency, lowest loss and emission and offer user friendly and remotely controlled control systems.

The system can provide the desired process conditions through the necessary control equipment (valves, control valves, driver, etc). The choice of control equipment is carefully done by us, based on process implementation conditions and sensitivity of the control itself. Çemsan is partner with the globally recognised, leading companies in the field of process control equipment.

Automation equipment is quite valuable equipment with a long supply lead time. In order to avoid any long term stoppage of the system and provide very quick services, we hold a significant amount of stock of specific automation equipment. We provide 7 days a week and 24 hours online services and resolve your problems in a very short space of time.

Automation is about building a system that provides stable, continuous and flawless operation, away from any human errors or initiatives.

• Reduce Production Cost
• Decrease in Part Cycle Time
• Eliminates individual control
• Reduces the possibility of errors
• Improved Quality and Reliability
• Better Floor Space Utilization
• Reduce Waste
• Saves Local Jobs
• Stay Competitive

Data collected from measurement and analysis instruments used in our system, is processed by PLC and DCS systems and ensure that systems operate in the highest efficiency and security standards.

DSC (Distributed Control System) Softwares
• Collection, processing, screening, controlling and reporting of all data from the plant in one single program.
• Recording of the data and registration of the prescriptions.
• Preparation of the SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acqusition) screens according to PID and Function Descriptions and using SFC (Sequential Functional Chart) programming language obtaining one button process flows.

PLC Softwares
• Collection of data for small units and using HMI (Human Machine Interface) screening and controlling.

We are also a solution partner for electrical works in facilities or special applications established by Çemsan. We can offer our customers all electrical connection diagrams showing the electrical position and line numbers, locking schemes of the system, emergency conditions and grounding characteristics.

Electrical panels, low voltage panels, MCC panels, compensation panels and automation panels used in turnkey or customer-oriented applications are manufactured entirely in Çemsan. Panel designs are made according to IEC 61439.

We are independent from the brand and select international brands. The engineering of our panels is also covered and designed in accordance with international standards.

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