Based on the requirements of the industry, we consider the hygienic production and design environmentally friendly plants. The main objectives of our plants are to be the most efficient and produce high quality products.

We manufacture process equipment for the production of cosmetics products, such as shampoo, lotion, cream, soap, toothpaste, etc. and provide training opportunities regarding the integration of our process equipment into the production line.

We offer tailor-made design, manufacture and assemble in accordance with our customers’ needs and in order to meet the requirements of the industry specific criteria. Depending on the customer requirements and industry standards, the surface roughness of both interior and exterior parts of the vessels can be determined, as such that the roughness of the interior part can vary between Ra = 0,1 to 1,0.

We design and manufacture a number of accessories and process equipment with mixer and agitators, homogenisers, heaters, insulated equipment, etc. suitable for cosmetics industry. While we design and manufacture such equipment, we consider and offer special lid systems for quick opening and closing, clamp mechanisms, bayonet systems, etc. for your comfort and usage.

On the hygiene and cosmetics industries, we offer the right solutions to our customers’ requirements and advise our customers’ in advance regarding the possible problems that might occur in the production processes.

In order to conduct stable and decisive works on the latest automation technology systems, we are heavily involved with the technology and product development activities within cosmetics and hygiene industries, so that we could address any requests that might come in the future. In order to increase the quality of our processes and reduce the process costs, we continually invest on our research and development activities.

Within the cosmetics and hygiene industries, we design any equipment in accordance with the process requirements of both electrical and automation equipments and prepare all documents in line with the world standards. At Çemsan we conduct the audit trial solutions at the production level, through industrial operator panels and developed SCADA systems. We ensure that operator panel audit trial records are automatically recorded into the SCADA systems.

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