We offer a wide range of services from manufacturing of tanks, which are the smallest unit in a sugar plant to the up-to-date plants operating with full capacity.

Çemsan provides a complete range of services from the storage of the raw sugar to the packing of the refined sugar.

• Raw Material Storage Units
• Sugar Dissolving Units
• Water Treatment Units
• Aeration Units
• Demineralisation Units
• Deep Bed Filter Units
• Carbon Column Units
• Evaporation Units
• Crystalliser Units
• Boiler Units
• Process Tanks

We can offer tailor-made solutions and special services for our customers, who get sugar refinery production plants from us. While we provide economical, environmentally and user friendly technologies to our partners, we consider the most secure process management approach.

We build environmentally friendly plants with minimising the efficiency loss, we offer stable processes through the latest automation technology systems.

We are heavily involved with the technology and product development activities within the sugar industry. In order to increase our quality of our processes and reduce our process costs, we continually invest on our research and development activities. We offer remote access and reporting system through the internet to any process information as old as 10 years using one single button.

Through measure and control accessories, such as Flowmeter, Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, we offer you the systems that are used by the world’s most recognised companies. We build environmentally friendly plants with calibration or hygiene certifications.

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