We build environmentally friendly facilities with calibration or hygiene certificates for the production of modified starch.

Modified starches are starch derivatives obtained by using one or more physical, chemical or enzymatic applications of natural starch, but retaining to a certain extent the starch properties.

Modified starches can be used as thickeners, gelling agents, moisture scavengers, stabilizers, builders or retarders in many food applications.

Modified starch derivatives;
• Acid modified
• Oxidized modified
• Cationic starch
• Dextrin
• Pregelatinized starch
• Phosphoric starch
• Cross link starch

Scope of application;
• Powder mixtures (powdered drinks and soups)
• Meat industry, bakery products
• Sweets
• Low calorie foods
• Frozen foods
• Cookie, ketchup production
• Non-food sectors (textile, paper and glue industry)

Çemsan offers a complete range of services from starch preparation to warehouse, from warehouse to transportation.

We offer remote access and reporting system through the internet to any process information as old as 10 years using one single button. Through measure and control accessories we offer you the systems that are used by the world’s most recognised companies. We build environmentally friendly plants with calibration or hygiene certifications.

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