The sweetest of sweeteners is crystalline fructose, and in foods and beverages with reduced calories, it is sufficient to use only a small amount to provide the desired flavor.

Crystalline fructose can be used in combination with high-intensity sweeteners and other sugars. The most common use is the food and beverage industry. It is added to foods to improve and / or maintain taste. It provides fermentation of alcoholic beverages and bakery products. Holds water in breads and bakery products to extend shelf life. Due to its crystal structure, it is added to ice cream to improve texture and enhance taste. Drinks with crystal fructose have a refreshing taste and are often added to sports drinks to provide the much needed calories for athletes. It is a nutritional supplement in animal feed, medicine and personal care products due to its purity of crystal fructose as a sweetener and its ability to retain high amounts of water without harming humans or animals.

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