In confectionery production, it is not possible to produce food of a suitable structure (especially confectionery production) using only beet or cane sugar. Because adhesion, difficulty in packaging and unwanted crystallization events occur in the products. In order to prevent this, a certain amount of syrup is required in food processes.

After the fructose syrup is converted to natural starch glucose, the syrup converted to fructose by enzymatic isomerization is passed through the columns holding the fructose and 90% high fructose syrup and again mixed with 42% syrup to obtain 55% fructose corn syrup.

Fructose syrups containing 55% fructose are used in beverages, bakery products, ketchup, mayonnaise, dairy products and processed foods, ice cream and frozen desserts.

Çemsan carefully designs the stages in which the fructose syrup will pass and produces the equipment to be used with the same care.

From preparation of sweeteners to transport to storage tanks, Çemsan offers a complete range of services at every stage.

We prepare stable processes with the latest automation technology systems in order to obtain the necessary efficiency of the final and by-products which are the most important issue in starch based sweetener plants.

We offer remote access and reporting system to any transaction information up to 10 years old using a single button. Thanks to measuring and control accessories, we use the systems used by the world's most renowned companies. We build environmentally friendly facilities with calibration or hygiene certificates.

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