Based on the biochemical industry requirements, we consider the most secure and safe production design and environmentally friendly process equipment. The main objectives of ours are to be the most efficient and produce high quality products.

We design, manufacture and assemble in accordance with our customers’ needs and in order to meet the requirements of the industry specific criteria, we also design, manufacture and assemble pressurised and atmospheric high quality vessels, using material different thicknesses in accordance with the internationally recognised codes such as ASME, DIN, PED, BS, etc.

We design and manufacture a number of accessories and process equipment such as process tanks, pressurised vessels, agitated tanks, reactors, fermentors, heat exchangers, evaporators, distillation columns, cyclones and other equipments specifically suitable for bio-chemical industry.

Since safety and stable production is quite imperative within the bio-chemical industry, we offer the right solutions to our customers’ requirements.

In order to conduct stable and decisive works on the latest automation technology systems, we are heavily involved with the technology and product development activities within the biochemical industry, so that we could address any requests that might come in the future. In order to increase the quality of our processes and reduce the process costs, we continually invest on our research and development activities.

Within the bio-chemical industry, we design any equipment in accordance with the process requirements of both electrical and automation equipments and prepare all documents in line with the world standards. At Çemsan we conduct the audit trial solutions at the production level, through industrial operator panels and developed SCADA systems. We ensure that operator panel audit trial records are automatically recorded into the SCADA systems.

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