Maltose syrup is a sugar obtained by liquefaction of natural starch with enzymes. It is clear, colorless and has a thick consistency.

It is used in the production of jam filling for hard candies, jelly candies, candies, jams, ice cream, caramel, Turkish delight, halva and bakery products.

Maltose syrup is the general name for organic syrups with a high level of maltose. It is a pure, colorless and thick consistency liquid which is used especially in diabetic and dietary supplements. Since carbohydrates (sugar, starch, etc.) are our main source of energy, maltose syrups are gaining popularity day by day. White sugar does not have any nutritional value unlike maltose syrup. Maple and honey syrups have nutritional value, but they lead to an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood. Therefore, maltose syrup is an indispensable alternative for people who care about their health and do not want to give up sugar consumption.

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