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We design and build long-living facilities for the production of starch based sweeteners by using the most advanced refinery technology, which is our expertise.

Glucose syrup is a sugar obtained by liquefying natural starch with acid and / or enzymes. Glucose syrups are clear, colorless and viscous.

Starch based sugars are used as carbohydrate source, sweetener, color forming, structure and thickener according to the sectors in which they are used. It has an important role in beverage, confectionery, jam, chewing gum, halva, bakery products and ice cream industry.

Çemsan carefully designs the stages in which the glucose syrup obtained from starch milk will pass and produces the equipment to be used in these stages with the same care. Glucose production stages are as follows:

From the preparation of sweeteners to the storage of sweeteners into storage tanks up to the transportation, Çemsan offers a complete range of services at all stages.

We prepare stable and determined processes through the latest automation technology systems to get the required efficiency of the last and by-products, which are the most important subject in the starch based sweetener plants.

We offer remote access and reporting system through the internet to any process information as old as 10 years using one single button. Through measure and control accessories we offer you the systems that are used by the world’s most recognised companies. We build environmentally friendly plants with calibration or hygiene certifications.

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