Stone Catchers

In Corn Wet Milling industry to protect downstream process equipment by removing stones or any other foreign materials that enter the process stream or come in with the fresh corn.

Working principle
Stone Catcher works with cyclone principle. The slurry is fed under pressure to the cyclone. As the feed enters the chamber, the aqueous mixture in the cyclone begins to rotate and causes the centrifugal force to accelerate the movement of the particles towards the outer wall. The particles are directed downwardly from the cylindrical section and into the conical section. At this point, the smaller particles move to the center and move upward and outward through the top material outlet in spiral movements to discharge from the overflow pipe. Stones of larger mass retain downward spiral movement along the walls of the conical section and are collected and emptied by manually or automatically in the lower chamber over time.

• Easy to clean thanks to the lower chamber
• On-site and easy maintenance

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