Dust Cyclones

Dust cyclones are used for the separation of airborne dust and flying particles absorbed from different machines and different environments. It is also used to purify the air of dusty and dirty environments.

Working principle
The powdery air entering the cyclone tangentially from the cyclone inlet with high speed is given a helical flow form by means of the cyclone construction so that the particles whose density is higher than the carrier medium are directed to the cyclone walls by centrifugal force.

Particles lost their inertia due to the sudden speed change in the cyclone are filtered through the cyclone wall and flow into the lower conical collection bunker. As a result of this mechanism, the dust-free air is delivered to the top of the cyclone via the outlet pipe at the center of the cyclone.

Cyclones are specially designed and manufactured for each capacity and process

• Low operating cost
• Low Maintenance cost

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