Crystalline Dextrose is the crystal form of glucose and is the main energy source of all living metabolisms. Dextrose is produced after hydrolysis of the starch by purification, concentration and then crystallization.

It can be widely used in confectionery, beverage, biscuit, bakery products for better taste, quality and low cost. It dissolves easily, so it can be widely used in drinks and cold dishes. It can be used for direct consumption as it increases physical strength and durability. It can be used as an additional fluid for patients with low blood sugar, fever, dizziness. It is widely used in food and pharmaceutical industry.

From preparation of sweeteners to transport to storage tanks, Çemsan offers a complete range of services at every stage.

We prepare stable processes with the latest automation technology systems in order to obtain the necessary efficiency of the final and by-products which are the most important issue in starch based sweetener plants.

We are heavily involved in technology and product development in the starch-based sweetener industry. We continuously invest in research and development activities to improve the quality of our processes and reduce our process costs.

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