Chemical sector; petrochemicals, rubber-rubber, plastics and products, health materials, pharmaceuticals, paints, detergent-soap, etc., cosmetics, chemicals, fertilizers, energy is composed of sub-sectors such as. We design and manufacture environment-friendly process equipment based on safety while producing the equipment used in these sectors. The most important elements in the equipment we produce are productivity and high product quality.

We design and manufacture process tanks, pressurized tanks, agitated tanks, reactors, fermentors, heat exchangers, evaporators, distillation columns, cyclones, etc. with many accessories and equipment with different characteristics. When producing these equipments, we ensure the calculation, manufacture and installation of high quality pressurized or non-pressurized equipment with different material thicknesses according to the desired design codes (ASME, DIN, PED, BS etc.).

In systems where security and stable production are very important, we produce the right solutions according to the demands of our customers and offer different suggestions to our customers in advance for problems that may occur in the process stages.

We provide a stable and stable working environment with indispensable automation systems in chemical plants. We continuously continue our R & D activities in order to increase the quality and reduce costs in our processes. We design electrical and automation systems of all kinds of equipment in the chemical industry in accordance with process requirements, and prepare all documentation according to world standards.

The importance of automation in the chemical sector is such that it accepts the least errors due to the nature of the variables in production and the quantity being highly effective. Therefore, the sensor and automation equipment that we use in production are of very high quality. We also show the same care and quality in software and algorithm.

At Çemsan, we analyze Audit trail solutions with industrial operator panels and advanced SCADA systems at production level, and ensure that the operator panel audit trail records are automatically stored on the SCADA computer.

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