Paddle Mixers

Paddle Mixers are designed to provide positive mixing action for plenty of applications in many industries.
Its dual-shaft paddle-type agitator is ideal for both the solid-to-solid and liquid-to-solid blending of heavy or light materials.

Working principle
Mixer creates a fluidized zone with its specialized design and the arrangement of the mixing paddles on both shafts. In combination with a low filling ratio, a freely movable mass occurs. In fluidized zone powders and granules will be optimally dispersed in a very short time.

The rotating paddles move the product from bottom to top, and then back down, creating a tumbling effect. Meanwhile, in continuous system, product in mixer moved forward continuously with a pre-determined velocity via angle of paddles. By means of adjustable paddle angles, the retention time of product in the mixer can be controlled since the velocity of mixture is being controlled.

• Shorter mixing time than any other type of mixer
• Fast and economic because of the short mixing time
• Special models, designs and additional requirements are possible thanks to in-house engineering and manufacturing

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