Starch Sifters

Rotary Starch Sifter is used to sieve the starch to the desire mesh size.

Working principle
The solid particles delivered into the screen by gravity through the feed nozzle. A rotating shaft with special diverter arms inside the screen drum accelerates the flow and presents it tangentially onto the screen surface where solid separation occurs due to its size distribution.

The main idea of separation process is the centrifugal action which is produced by these rotating diverter arms connected to the shaft inside screen drum where drum is stable. The angle of arms, distance of arms end to the surface of screen, rotating speed and slot mesh size of screen may vary depending on desired qualification and capacity. While the fine particle passes through screen, the coarse particles forced to the end of screen by means of angled diverter arms.

• Easily operated
• Low maintenance
• Totally dust proof

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