Kicker Mills

Generally used for speeding up product particles, like starch, gluten or fiber, while entering to a flowing air systems like flash driers.

Working principle
Kicker Mill is mainly a special rotating turbine fan driven by a shaft group. The external body covering the fan has an inlet and an adjustable radial angular outlet connections. Main aim of Kicker Mill is to accelerate the product through outlet to achieve desired speed before entering to the system next to mill.

Speed and angle of particles entering to air flowing at the exit of kicker mill is adjusted via rotational speed of the fan and the angle of outlet diverter plate.

• Starch has to be disintegrated into fine particulate to increase the surface area for heat and mass transfer
• Presence of highly turbulent hot air and intimate mixing of hot air with finely divided agglomerates results reduction of moisture very rapidly. The material looses its stickiness.
• Also strong centrifugal force totally prevents the material from sticking to the rods.

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