Impact Mill

Impact mills (also called 3rd grind mills in wet milling) are used for breaking the starch and protein blocks binded on fiber particles that were primarily broken in degermination mills.

The Çemsan impact mill features a vertically rotating rotor lined with impact pins to provide efficient separation of bound starch from fiber particles, with minimal particle size reduction of the fiber.

The Mill has combined many maintenance friendly features with proven separation technology to design a centrifuge that operates with reliable efficiency and minimum downtime.

Working principle
The impact refining mill utilizes centrifugal impact as a media for obtaining maximum starch release.
Material feed into both feed inlet chutes in an evenly divided stream travels to the center of the rotor chamber.
Energy to move the material may be either gravity or pressure feed. The high speed rotor imparts centrifugal force to the material, causing material particles to accelerate toward the outer periphery of the rotor.

Material particles strike imprecators before finally impacting against the stationary liner.

The material particles, which have been subjected to the high intensity impacts described above, fall to the bottom of the hopper and into the receiving device under the hopper.

• Heavy duty construction minimizes vibration and ensures structural stability
• Vibration switch (shut down switches) operates in response to excessive vibration, protects machine
• Minimized floor-space requirements
• Rugged wear protection
• Simplified maintenance
• Automatic lubrication
• Greater efficiency, lower cost
• Minimal operator attention

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