Agitator Tanks

A mixing tank is designated to blend several components together.

Çemsan has multi-purpose mixing tanks with applications in the dairy, beverage, food, chemical, pharma & cosmetic processing segments that provide rapid and/or smooth mixing.

Types of mixers are:
• Gear driven agitators
• Homogenizers
• Co-axial agitators
• Magnetic agitators
• High speed mixers

Such units could be supplied together with a complete Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) conform automation system, controlling parameters like temperature, flow, level, pressure, pH, agitator speed, valve positions, etc.

What we offer you to choose us;
• Has been specially designed for each product
• If requested, the possibility of process guarantee
• Both low and high speed tank options
• Up, down and side installation options
• Teflon wiper, speed drives, mechanical variators and other options
• Vacuumed and high pressure products
• Supply of sealing equipment

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